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Due to the current situation, some employees have to work at home.
It is not so easy to work at home when you are used to see your colleagues every day to discuss relevant tasks with them personally. It is much easier to discuss projects when you see each other than by email contact.

Also the government also recommends avoiding social contacts for the next time. Grandparents and parents too can belong to the risk group. An Infection can have serious consequences.

Whats the solution?

We have the solution here: Logitech C270 webcam

  • HD video calls
  • 3-megapixel snapshots
  • Built-in mic with RightSound
  • RightLight technology

How does it work?

Simply connect the webcam to the USB port. And let’s go! With its RightLight technology, the video quality of the Logitech C270 is particularly good – because it automatically adjusts the image during your call, so you look your best even in dim light.

What about the quality of the microphone?

Due to the Built-in mic with RightSound it gives you clear conversations without annoying background noise.

Unfortunately, the Logitech C270 cannot completely replace personal contact, but at least it can help us in the current situation.

Go and try it!


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