Einhell CC-BC 4M – car charger for special 12V start-stop AGM batteries

As you might remember winter time is coming soon. Our best sellers in summer 2018 had been fans from Honeywell and Vornado. But its time to look forward. Its getting cold and dark. The long night is coming and the White Walkers descend upon Westeros from the farthest north….oh. Wrong story mode. Sorry. šŸ˜‰

only 25%…time to charge!

But the cold is really a problem for your car or motorbike. The winter seperates the strong from the weak. So its important to do some maintenance in autumn before you have a unpleasant surprise at a cold morning before work!

I for myself had the following issue:
We own a 12V electro sweeper and two cars. One with a normal gel battery and another one with a special AGM battery (Audi A5 – start-stop engine). So a normal car charger wont do it. And how shall i know if the battery needs to be charged or if its faulty?

The answer is the micro-processor controlled Einhell CC-BC 4M car charger as it detects the needed voltage (6V or 12V) and shows the battery level before charging. And it supports a winter mode for cars or motorbikes you wont move for the next 5-6 month.

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