How to get rid of cpamatik notification messages at the right bottom of the desktop


Some days ago i ordered something in a well known online store and had been redirect to a Bet & Win page. Until now i dont know what and why this happened. But in the end some popups appeared and asked my if i want to approve a script to be loaded. As it has been monday morning i hit this button as i thought its a silly and senseless cookie request banner we get ofte nowadays. A mistake.

Every day at 09.00am i did get a chat message window shown at the right bottom of my desktop.

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After a malware check and checking my whole pc to see if i installed a new software i found nothing. I only knew that i have a problem now. Even via google i found no exact informations. Cpamatik is malware but i have no malware installed!?

Today i clicked on the setup icon at the message window and realized its a popup push notification caused by FireFox. It seems as i added to the list of URLs which can send me those messages. But its easy to remove. Just go to the security settings of your browser and check for Web Push persmissions / Notifications and kill all of them!

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