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This thread is for the IT nerds / WordPress Users / onlinestore owners or whoever has to do something with webpages and pictures 😉

I invested many ours last night to get the Slimbox2 (lightbox clone) in our onlinestore running and resizing the pictures how i want it.
The standard slimbox2 2.05 dont cares about pictures size and always uses 100% of the page – not that smooth i would say.

You can see the final version of our slimbox2 implentation as resize version right here:
Sony HXR-MC2500E gallery with Slimbox2

It uses only 80% of the desktopsize and looks more elegant than the standard slimbo2 i would say.
We found the Slimbox2 Autoresize source code on this page – but it didnt work out of the box as its not compatible with the latest jQuery version i guess.

I found the important hint in one of the comment threads that you need to remove the “.add(overlay)” code.
Here the final version which works fine for me: Slimbox2 – autoresize.js

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