If the Filters of your MailPlus Mail-Client wont work

First of all:
This posting is only interesting for owners and users of a NAS with Synology Mailserver running MailPlus as Mail-Client and having issues with the Filter rules which wont work.

We run a Synology DS716+II NAS-Server to get all emails via POP3 from our email provider and use a team account via IMAP then. The Mail-Client MailPlus downloads the emails and we login to MailPlus via our internal network via IMAP. So you can work on the same email mailbox / account with several workstations.

But we had one big issue:
The mail filter setup for MailPlus didnt work. No Mails had been filtered or being pushed into the folders where we need them. At the start of MailPlus this function has not been supported but with Update 1.2 it shall work. But it didnt for us. But as soon as you mark “apply filter to matching messages” the filters work fine!? So it cant be a wrong setup for the filters.

An email to the Synology Support resolved the issue easily. You need to delete and add the POP3 account so the update will work for you!
Now all filters at MailPlus work fine for us 🙂

Just another hint:
As we didnt save the Password we had to set a new password. Now the system didnt sent any emails as we didnt realize the MailServer tool (not MailPlus!) has a setting to work as a SMTP relay. So in case you need to change the password for POP3 / SMTP you might need to update the password for the MailServer too.

After 6h we had another issue: MailPlus didnt get any emails from the Mailserver at our hosting service. But the login data has been fine as it worked for hours before.
We had to stop the MailPlus service and just to restart. I guess the POP3 password has been cached or caused another issue.

In my eyes its a great solution to manage different email accounts in team. You have access to all emails and can work as a team onto conversations with customers and suppliers.

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