Running in the dark with head flashlights

Its the time of the year again. We don’t talk about Christmas and holiday shopping, but we talk about winter time! The days are shorter by the end of the daylight saving time. If you like running – this makes it nearly impossible to train without running in the dark.

But even for geocaching or simply for going for a walk – we think not all people feel completely comfortable by being in the dark. The night is intimidating and its an easy excuse. In the end many people are more likely to skip the darkness in the wintertime. Not very ideal at all. 

But have you ever thought of using head flashlights?

For this time of the year we do highly recommend the Led Lenser H8R Headband flashlight LED.

This good head flashlight increases the visibility and has the great advantage that you have your hands free while running, walking or whatever. Also the track is better enlightened, obstacles are visible and also you are better seen by cyclists, motorists or other people. The lamp just weighs 158 g – so it won’t bother you at all.

We tested it for you –  you will feel comfortable, safe, and excited for months of being in the dark.

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