Spring cleaning made easy

Winter is over. The temperatures are rising. The hours of sunshine are longer. Spring is here! With good weather we now want to spend the beautiful days outside. Spring also means for many people at the same time cleaning. The own home inside and outside and our equipment should be prepared for the summer months.

High-pressure cleaner helps to remove dirt quickly and easily

In order to tackle the big cleaning, most people use a device such as a high-pressure cleaner to help. With the concentrated water jet of a high-pressure cleaner, for example, the terrace, stairs, driveway or canopy can be cleaned in a short time and effortlessly from dirt such as moss and other greenery. Dirt on bicycles, cars and rims can also be removed quickly and easily.

Even very stubborn dirt that gets stuck in the pores of the surface can also be removed with only water. It is useful to work with the rotation nozzle on a Karcher high-pressure cleaner, because of the powerful spot jet which is rotating in the head of its nozzle. The rotary brush is a standard accessory at Karcher. However, you only should use this accessory where high pressure can be used without hesitation. With both Karcher models K2 and K3, the water pressure can be regulated by simply turning the jet pipe.

The Nilfisk C 134.1-8 PCAD pressure washer, which also has a floor brush, provides a little more power. The floor brush has two rotating nozzles, which ensures a smooth result through the spin, pressure and 360 degree movement.

Also good to know: Do pressure washers use too much water?
Anyone who sees a pressure washer will probably think that it uses too much water. But exactly the opposite is the case. For comparison: While a garden hose uses around 3,500 litres of water per hour, a high-pressure cleaner uses only 400 to 500 litres. A low water consumption is therefore a clear advantage of the high-pressure cleaner. Another advantage: the high water pressure speeds up the work. So you are finished early – and the result? Everything is clean!

Get more information about the devices in our shop.

Karcher K3 Upright High pressure washer
Karcher K3 Upright High pressure washer
Nilfisk C 135.1 upright electric pressure washer 

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