A little barbecue never killed nobody

Its summer and at the same time for many people its barbecue season. Yet its no longer just the summer temperatures that accompanies pleasant barbecue evenings. When people have noticed that barbecues are really good fun, it is a year-round entertainment.

But at the beginning everyone will ask the question: “What is the right BBQ?”

Not an easy question, because you have to choose between electric, gas and coal BBQ. The different types have different properties and therefore various advantages. We want to briefly present different models here.


It is often said about gas bbq that you can really relax, because of these advantages:

  • Heat quickly available and can be regulated
  • Optimal result for grilled food through adjustable heat
  • Double burner with grill can be controlled separately
  • Closing the grill area – heat cannot go up
  • Food is cooked evenly on all sides
  • Additional storage space
  • Flexible: with wheels, the grill can be quickly used anywhere in the garden or on the terrace.
  • The gas grill is easy to clean thanks to the enamel coating/li>
    Tepro Garten Fremont Gas BBQ

    Charcoal BBQ

    Barbecue scents and glowing coals are as much a part of summer as sun and sea. You are a fan of traditional BBQ-style?

  • Cook you food in the traditional BBQ-style over a hot bed of coals over the grill surface
  • Using the lid’s built-in thermometer, you can easily monitor the cooking temperature.
  • Smoked food cooks evenly on all sides and retains its juicy consistency.
  • Your food is cooked slowly to smoky perfection at a low temperature of 80° to 130°
  • In addition to smoking, you can also cook food in the cooking chamber using the indirect cooking method.
  • Try different types of wood for new and exciting flavors. You can control the flavor intensity of the smoke using the convenient vents
  • With its wheels, the grill can be easily set up wherever you need it
  • tepro 1038 Wichita Grill Barrel BBQ charcoal

    Electric BBQ

    With this electric BBQ you also can relax and enjoy the evening. This grill has these advantages:

  • Grill plate Ø 40 cm
  • Low-fat: oil runs into a collector bowl
  • High grilling temperatures and fast heating due to integrated heating element
  • Easy cleaning due to non-stick coated grill plate
  • Adjustable temperature control for best grilling results
  • Isolated handles
  • Table grill function
  • Attached grill lid can be used as a windshield, closed lid suitable for American BBQ or large food Stable, easy detachable stand
  • Steba VG 250 Grill Kettle Electric 1800W Black

    What do you think? Whats the best grill for you?

    Photo by Tuân Nguyễn Minh on Unsplash

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