Order is half the battle!

The shelf is full of cans and jars – do you want to keep track of things? Pretty hard!

With these 6 tips you can quickly and easily get an overview.

1. Tip for organizing your pantry: group together

Definitely one of the most handy hacks: categorize. Pair canned food with canned food, grain with grain, and you’ll never have to search desperately for anything again.

2. Window for a better perspective

If your cabinets are equipped with glass doors, you can see everything. Partially cover the jar with window film to prevent guests from seeing any pantry secrets.

3. Glass containers are your friend

Glass containers are the right choice for products such as spices, flours and grains. They make things easily recognizable (along with a good label), are reusable (your wallet and the environment will thank you) and are easy to clean

4. Tip for an organized pantry: label everything

What makes a presentable pantry? Labels, right. After transferring your goods into containers, use a labeling machine and write labels. Confusing salt with sugar is a thing of the past. We highly can recommend the label machine Brother PT-H100LB mobile Label Maker 180 x 180DPI .

5. Hang a shelf over the door

Kitchen organization has never been easier than with hanging door shelves. Place these on the inside of your doors for more storage.

6. Build in drawers … is a game changer.

Opt for drawers that slide easily in and out of your pantry. Invest now, thank us later … 😉

7. Tip for an organized kitchen: take inventory with a chalkboard wallpaper

If you’re looking for a creative way to organize your pantry and get your kids involved, decorate your kitchen door with chalkboard wallpaper. Have your kids help with inventory or even write a menu for the week from what’s already in your pantry.

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