Heat! What to cool down?

Working from home without air conditioner? The heat is here and we long to cool down. During summer time you can expect high temperatures in your house and especially with all your devices in your home office.
From ice cubes, cold drinks and cooling pads, in this blog post we recommend you other and better products, which will help you to stay cool during your next heatwave.

1. Vornado 633 room fan air circulator

To control the temperature and to keep your room cool, its advantageous that a fan has more speed options. The Vornado 633 room fan air circulator with 3 Speed Control – 65 dB – black has 3 different speed settings.

By moving air up to 75 feet and using signature efficient vortex technology the fan can fully circulate all the air in the room and eliminates hot and cold spots. And because of the small size, it is ideally suited for small rooms, such as the bedroom, the kitchen or your office.

2. Honeywell AIDC HSF600WE QuietSet Standventilator 40W (Ø x H) 40cm x 122cm Weiß

You need more speed settings, options for height adjustments but also a quiet ventilator? Than the Honeywell AIDC HSF600WE QuietSet Standventilator would be the right choice for you.

Furthermore the Honeywell Standventilator offers you these advantages:

  • powerful cooling by new aerodynamics of the fan blades
  • reduced noice by 25 %
  • remote control
  • 5 settings from “sleep” to “power cooling”
  • height adjustment
  • removable grille for easy cleaning
  • automatic dimming function

3. Comfee MPPHA-05CRN7 mobile air conditioning

You definitely need to cool down your apartment? Than we recommend an air conditioner such as the Comfee air conditioner.

This is what you can expect:

  • Environmentally friendly: The air conditioner uses Propane as refrigerant, which is currently considered as the most environmentally friendly and health-endangering the least solution.
  • Mobile & Flexible: It offers you flexibility, because its not permanently installed. The device, which weighs around 20 kilograms, can be moved on its castors using two recessed grips on the side.
  • Remote control with display: You can conveniently control the Comfee using the remote control.
  • Timer 24/7: The timer enables you cooling down your room 24/7 even during your absence.

This Comfee air conditioner is specially designed for small rooms. According to the manufacturer, you can use the device in rooms with a maximum size of 17 square meters.

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