2021 – What a year this had been!

It’d been special and challenging at the same time for all of us. 

Despite all the barriers, we at sotel.de had to work hard – but we could achieve a successful year. We managed all the challenges and did the best we can.

Look at our graphic! With this figures, we want to give you an insight of our work.

In 2021

  • We received 95.000 orders from our customers.
  • We shipped 109.000 items, which means 3500 tons on 253 pallets.
  • We used 5000 kWh of electricity for our work – 75 % of which is solar energy.
  • We supported our customers by answering 42.000 mails.
  • We had 30.000 costs for IT and our online-shop > www.sotel.de
  • With dedicating all costs, we were able to achieve a net turnover of 15 mio Euro!

We are so grateful – that’s why we want to say THANK YOU to all supporters, customers, to our family and friends!

Looking forward to 2022 has to offer – we are more than ready!

Let’s go!

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