Gadget of the week – the Samsung Gear 360° videocamera

360° videos or pictures are the latest viral hit. On facebook you can upload 360° views or stream them live and even the erotic movies started using this feature. (i only heard about it!!! 😉 )
The new Samsung Gear 360 (2017) supports all those features and this in 4k quality. Right now its only compatible with the Galaxy Series from Samsung but in 3-4 weeks there shall be a App even for iOS Smartphones from Apple.

You dont need a smartphone to record videos or take pictures. You only need to press the record button and navigate through a small menu. You can choose between pictures, videos, HDR-photos and timelapse record functions. All data will be save onto a microSD card. To share the data you need to download it onto your PC or smartphone.

Here a sample of how the camera works – (you need to turn the view to the left or right etc.)

May 8, 2017

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